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The Best Solution For Leg Veins & Spider Veins

Make this year the year you treat those unsightly leg veins and spider veins. Laser Aesthetic is here to provide professional spider vein removal with the help of our Cutera Excel V laser.*

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are a network of webbed veins that show prominently just below the surface of the skin. These types of veins mainly appear in the legs because this is where the largest veins in our bodies are located. Although spider veins don’t cause many health issues — aside from dull pain and discomfort — the appearance can lead to lowered self-esteem in both men and women. Laser Aesthetic can help boost your confidence by removing these unsightly leg veins and spider veins so that you can step out in that new dress, bathing suit, or pair of shorts this spring.*

How Our Laser Treats Spider Veins

Our laser works to pinpoint the dark color of spider veins in your legs and send a strong burst of light onto the veins. After a few treatment sessions, these veins will slowly fade and disappear altogether, leaving you with smoother legs and full of confidence.* The laser efficiently treats many vascular issues as well as epidermal pigment issues.* The best part about our Cutera Excel V Laser is that it is designed for a variety of different skin types, and there’s no invasive surgery or down-time needed before or after treatment!

Interested in leg vein and spider vein treatment? Contact Laser Aesthetic today to set up an initial appointment with our skin care specialists.

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