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Waxing in Methuen, MA

Remove unwanted hair with our specialized waxing services for both men and women. Our Methuen waxing salon includes Brazilian wax, bikini wax, facial wax and anywhere you have unwanted hair!

Full Body Waxing

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair-removal service that’s offered right here at our beauty spa in Methuen. We provide full body hair removal services for both men and women looking to remove unwanted hair in the following places:

  • Arms, hands & underarms
  • Back & shoulders
  • Bikini & Brazilian
  • Chest & stomach
  • Legs & toes

Brazilian & Bikini Waxing in Methuen, Massachusetts

Have the confidence to show a little skin this season with the help of our Brazilian wax and bikini wax services. Our professional waxing technique leaves your bikini area smooth and irritation-free — as opposed to those annoying razor bumps!

Why Choose Waxing

  • Brazilian and bikini waxing offers longer-lasting results*
  • Improves skin health by preventing in-grown hairs
  • Thins the hair when it does eventually grow back
  • Save time by not shaving our using hair removal creams


Your hair should be at least 1/4 inch long in order for the wax to attach to the hair. For first-time waxers, we recommend refraining from shaving for at least two weeks before your appointment. We recommend not shaving between waxes to prevent irritation and in-grown hair. You should also avoid tanning up to 48 hours after a wax. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin on a daily basis.
At Laser Aesthetic, we recommend our customers be at least 16 years of age for waxing services. Facial, body, Brazilian, and bikini waxes are safe for those who are pregnant, on their period, or have piercings and tattoos. Unfortunately, if you have a sunburn or your skin looks irritated or unhealthy, our specialist may refuse to perform the waxing service for your safety and comfort.

First-time waxers may experience more discomfort than waxing veterans simply because the process is new. You may notice redness, localized swelling, or itching after your procedure — but these are all temporary. Bikini and Brazilian waxes can result in in-grown hairs and bumps; to avoid this issue, Laser Aesthetic recommends our ZO Medical skin care product line.

After arriving at Laser Aesthetic in Methuen, you’ll be asked to check in. Our waxing specialist will then show you to your own private waxing rooms. After answering any questions you might have as well as discussing your desired results, our specialist will ask you to disrobe. Simply remove the garments, lay back in our comfortable waxing beds, and relax — you look beautiful!

Waxing Prices

Area Price
Full Legs $70
Upper Legs $40
Lower Legs $40+
Abdomen $16
Lower Back $22
Bikini Basic/Bikini Medium $40/$42
Brazilian Bikini $50+
Full Legs & Bikini Basic $80
Full Legs & Bikini Medium $90
Full Legs & Brazilian Bikini $120
Sideburns $20
Full Facial Waxing $30
Full Arm $40+
Half Arm $22+
Underarm $24
Neck $16
Eyebrows $16+
Lip & Brow $24
Chin/Upper Lip $12
Chin & Brow $24
Men’s Chest $60+
Men’s Back (+Shoulders) $60+

Schedule your Appointment in Merrimack Valley

To schedule a wax at Laser Aesthetic in Methuen, MA, fill out the form on our site or give us a call at (978) 685-2737. We serve Methuen, Lawrence, Haverhill, Andover, Lowell and Dracut.

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