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Visibly Reduce Your Acne With The Help Of This Device

Have you dealt with acne your entire life? Are you self-conscious by the way your appearance looks due to your acne and acne scars? We’ll let you in on a little secret on we’ve helped tons of individuals in Methuen and surrounding areas significantly reduce their acne for good.* The magic is in the HydraFacial treatment offered right here at Laser Aesthetic.

The Best Non-Invasive Skin Treatment

HydraFacial is a breakthrough non-invasive technology that’s used to reduce acne.* All it takes is 30 minutes and you’ll see visible results.* The secret behind how this hand-held device works is the exfoliating tip of the wand that gently removes surface dirt, buildup, oils and other blemishes in order to reveal smooth flawless skin beneath.*

At Laser Aesthetic, our HydraFacial acne treatment is a three-stage process, beginning with the cleanse and peel phase. During this time, our hand-held HydraFacial wand will gently exfoliate the skin in order to reveal a new youthful layer.* Next, we’ll remove any debris that the exfoliating want removed from your skin’s surface through gentle suction. Finally, sit back and relax as you’re treated to our exclusive ZO Medical Skin Care line of products.

The use of the ZO Medical Skin Care line is to re-hydrate, seal and protect the new layer of skin. This step is to preserve the youthfulness of the new skin layer as well as to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris by keeping your pores tighter.*

How This Can Resolve Acne Problems

With the frequent use of our HydraFacial treatment, your pores will continue to remain clear of dirt and oils — which are the leading cause of acne and breakouts.* In order to supplement your treatments here at Laser Aesthetic, we recommend keeping up with a daily facial cleansing and hydrating routine. Our skin care specialists in Methuen will recommend skin care brands for you to use at home. The HydraFacial also works to stimulate natural oil production for those who have dry skin and acne as a result of dry skin problems.*

Ready to say goodbye to breakouts and acne? Contact Laser Aesthetic in order to make a HydraFacial appointment!

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