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Dr. Stephen Scully

Dr. Stephen Scully has provided Plastic and Reconstructive Services to the Merrimack Valley for thirty years.

A graduate of Merrimack College he received a Bachelor of Arts degree Summa Cum Laude. He then completed medical school at Georgetown University, Washington D.C., receiving his degree Cum Laude, and being honored as a member of Alpha Omega Alpha, the medical honor society. He then served in the U.S.Navy, as a surgeon for the sixth fleet, and staff surgeon at Chelsea Naval Hospital.

It was during his naval service that he became involved in plastic surgical procedures needed to treat wounded service men from Vietnam. He was selected for a residency at the prestigious Institute of Plastic Surgery at New York University. The program offered tremendous experience in all aspects of Plastic Surgery but especially cosmetic surgery under the direction of renowned plastic surgeon, John Converse, M.D. The cosmetic program was enhanced by Dr. Thomas Rees and his patients from around the world.

Upon completion of his three year residency, Dr. Scully returned and provided in depth plastic and reconstructive procedures to patients in the Lawrence and Lowell communities and throughout the Merrimack Valley. His practice was built upon basic principles of treating patients in a kindly manner, with superior technical skill, and caring follow up. The resultant satisfied patients and family members realized that they were treated as Dr. Scully would treat his own family.

During his years of practice he has performed multiple and various reconstructive procedures, yet his appreciation of ideal and classic beauty along with his extensive training in cosmetic surgery led him to focus and excel in problems relating to facial and breast surgery. His presentation of a unique approach and method for breast augmentation has resulted in improved results, less mammary contracture and scarring, along with tremendous patient satisfaction and appreciation. His approach to facial surgery, especially nasal surgery has produced consistent results that improve a patient appearance without distorting their unique appearance and personality. These consistent results have led to patient satisfaction and appreciation. Dr. Scully’s practice is concentrated on aesthetic or cosmetic surgery with particular emphasis on nasal, eyelid and facial surgery as well as breast augmentation and mastopexy or breast lifts.

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