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Get Your Bikini Line Ready for Spring Break

Winter is laser hair removal season, which means stopping in at Laser Aesthetic during this time of year guarantees you a smooth, stubble-free and razor burn-free bikini line in time for spring break.* You can finally hit the beach with confidence because our trained technicians won’t miss a single hair — giving you a flawless appearance from all angles.*

I’ve been going to Laser Aesthetic Spa for the past year, and every time I go my experience is wonderful! I drive all the way from Boston to see these lovely ladies for all of my skincare, and laser hair removal needs. I have referred family and friends, and would tell anyone that they are worth the drive, time, and investment EVERY TIME! -Google Review

What to Expect at Laser Aesthetic

Never tried laser hair removal before? No worries — our technicians will make you feel at home and comfortable during your first treatment. Although there is an initial tinge from the laser as it gets to work removing your unwanted hair, the process never takes long and the results are amazing.* We recommend coming into our spa for a free consultation before your first treatment so that we can talk about your goals as well as address any underlying skin issues you may have.

Why Choose Our Laser Hair Removal Service

Laser Aesthetic’s bikini line pubic hair removal laser treatment is one of our most popular and is great for both men and women. Our laser is top-of-the-line and has multiple settings in order to yield the best results based on your hair and skin type.* Make this year the year you live on the beach in that cute bikini! Ditch that rusty razor (which can cause in-grown hairs and inflammation) and opt for a bikini line laser hair removal treatment or Brazilian laser hair removal treatment at Laser Aesthetic in Methuen. Contact us online to schedule an appointment!

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