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HydraFacial in Methuen, MA

Face life face first and opt for our professional HydraFacial skin care treatment in Methuen at Laser Aesthetic. Smooth away skin imperfections such as sun spots, wrinkles, uneven texture and more in just 30 minutes with this non-invasive procedure!*

What is the HydraFacial Treatment?

HydraFacial is a non-invasive skin care treatment provided by Laser Aesthetic in Methuen that rejuvenates and beautifies your skin in just 30 minutes. To achieve healthy and glowing skin, HydraFacial’s hand-held device is comprised of a small, gentle exfoliation surface that’s used to remove the topmost layer of your skin cells. These skin cells are where oil and dirt are found which cause breakouts, uneven skin tone and wrinkles. With our HydraFacial technology, you can guarantee noticeable results after just one treatment, and long-lasting results after recurring treatments.*

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

What to Expect

The HydraFacial technology works to beautify your skin in three simple steps:


Our skin care professionals will gently roll the HydraFacial wand across your skin to uncover a new layer of skin. The gentle exfoliation and skin resurfacing will leave you feeling restored.


The HydraFacial technology works simultaneously to remove the loosened debris from your pores with a gentle suction. Next Laser Aesthetic uses ZO Medical skin moisturizers to hydrate your skin.


Finally, our skin care professionals will saturate your skin’s surface with powerful antioxidants and healthy protein peptides to maximize your glow for long-lasting results.

The Benefits of HydraFacial

Perfect for all Skin Types
Our HydraFacial treatment in Methuen caters to all different skin types in order to treat fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, congested skin and excessive oil. The treatment works to improve your skin’s texture, elasticity, and firmness while producing an even, vibrant skin tone.* HydraFacial is one of the best brown spot treatments available.

Less Risks
HydraFacial is non-invasive, which means you will see immediate results without any downtime or painful procedures.* Some patients may experience minor, temporary redness or inflammation. We recommend patients refrain from other facial treatments 48 hours before or after the HydraFacial treatment and wear SPF sunscreen when outside.

Time Saving
Have an event or date night coming up and your skin is looking a bit drab? Sometimes your go-to facial cleanser just isn’t enough to give you the deep cleanse and shine you’re looking for. Instead, spend 30 minutes at Laser Aesthetic and the HydraFacial will leave you feeling ready to take on your next big plans looking beautiful and refreshed.*

Long-Lasting Results*
Did you know that 90% of all skin damage issues are caused by harmful UV rays? The HydraFacial skin care treatment works to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots and our patients are guaranteed to see results after just one appointment.* We recommend repeating the HydraFacial treatment for optimal, year-round skin health.

Before and after photos

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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