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What Causes Melasma & How Is It Treated?

Melasma is a common skin condition that results in patchy brown, tan, or gray-ish skin discoloration. It is mostly found on the forehead, nose, neck, upper lip and other places that experience a lot of sun exposure. Although anyone can get melasma, women between the ages of 20 and 50 are more likely to experience this skin condition as it is often linked to hormonal fluctuations, sun exposure and pregnancy. Women of Latin, Asian and Middle Eastern descent are more susceptible to melasma than other ethnicities.

Preventing Melasma

At Laser Aesthetic, we specialize in professional and proven skin treatments for individuals with melasma and other skin conditions. For those looking to prevent melasma from developing or worsening, we always recommend using sun protection in the form of hats as well as sunscreen and sun avoidance whenever possible.

Melasma Treatment in Methuen

Our spa in Methuen is here to help those affected by melasma regain their confidence with the help of effective skin care products. We provide ZO Medical Skin Care line products which are designed to re-hydrate the skin as well as reduce pigmentation inconsistencies. We also provide laser skin treatment with our Cutera Excel V laser. Our laser is effective in pinpointing any discolored patches of skin and custom settings allow for the treatment of melasma on dozens of skin types.* The Cutera Excel V works to reduce sun spots, age spots, and discoloration associated with melasma, making your skin look flawless and cohesive.*

Before contacting Laser Aesthetic, we always recommend consulting with your general practitioner or certified dermatologist before seeking treatment. Skin care treatment in the form of glycolic peels coupled with our laser skin rejuvenation service is guaranteed to give you noticeable results. Contact Laser Aesthetic in Methuen for melasma treatment today!

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