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Tips to Get You Ready for Summer Season

We like to think that Memorial Day Weekend is the official gateway into the summer season. This is the time when temperatures are consistently warm, the sun is setting later, and the bathing suits, sun dresses and short shorts start appearing in full force. With that being said, you don’t want to be caught unprepared (though we can’t say we didn’t warn you with this post) when your friend invites you to a pool party of you have an event you need to attend.

At Laser Aesthetic, we’re here to make sure you’re prepared for anything this summer season, so here are the most common issues you may encounter and a few tips on how to resolve them.

PROBLEM: You’re heading on vacation in three weeks and you want to pack lightly, which means that razor can’t go through TSA’s bag-check line. You could shave with a new razor the night before but by the end of the vacation you’ll be looking quite stubbly. Now what?

SOLUTION: Lucky for you there are a couple options to removing unwanted hair before going on vacation. There’s always the traditional waxing hair removal method which — when done by a professional — yields beautiful results. However, for long-lasting results we always recommend laser hair removal.* Our laser hair removal treatment center in Methuen uses the best laser technology on the market, and our laser technicians have keen eyes which means we won’t miss a single stray.

PROBLEM: You have a wedding, graduation party or reunion coming up and you just don’t have time to hit the gym and go on a diet before the big event. You could go out and buy a new outfit or dress, but you were really looking forward to wearing the one you bought a couple months ago. Now what?

SOLUTION: We totally understand the panic that sets in after realizing you’ve gained a few pounds or haven’t quite hit that goal number on the scale in time for a big event. The best way to shed a few of those unwanted pounds in problems areas is with CoolSculpting®.* Patented fat freezing technology that only takes one or two sessions to see results is now available in Methuen at Laser Aesthetic.* No downtime, no invasive surgery — just you, on your lunch break, reading a book or working on your laptop while our CoolSculpting® technology blasts unwanted fat.*

PROBLEM: The weather is changing and it’s getting hot and humid so the point that you can’t stop sweating. This really isn’t doing your skin any good and you’ve noticed more clogged pores and breakouts than normal. Now what?

SOLUTION: Get smooth, unclogged skin within minutes at Laser Aesthetic with the help of our HydraFacial treatment and Microdermabrasion treatment.* These two exfoliating facial treatments, coupled with the ZO Medical Skin Care system, work to reduce breakouts, redness, dry spots and oily skin in just one treatment.* You’ll be ready to take pictures in no time. You can also purchase the ZO Medical Skin Care line right here in-house so you can use it at home.

Ready to put your best foot forward this summer? Start off your summer season the right way and contact Laser Aesthetic for any of our beauty enhancing services. From Botox and teeth whitening to CoolSculpting® and Laser Hair Removal, we have everything you need to look your best.

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