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Reasons Why You Should Be Applying Sunscreen This Summer

Everyone loves having a sun-kissed complexion during the summer months here in Massachusetts. It’s been a long winter and the first thing we want to do is enjoy the longer days and warm weather. However, it’s important to layer up with sunscreen before heading outdoors for a variety of reasons. At Laser Aesthetic, we are continually treating clients for sunspots, age spots and wrinkles due to sun damage which can largely be prevented with the help of daily applications of sunscreen.

Below are just a few reasons to slather on some 30 SPF sunscreen during your daily morning routine.

7 Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen

  1. Reduce cancer risks. Melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, is responsible for 75% of skin cancer related deaths in the US. However, with routine checkups with a dermatologist coupled with daily sunscreen application, the chances of developing skin cancer are greatly reduced. Even if it’s rainy or cloudy, it’s important to apply sunscreen.
  2. Younger complexion. Want to know the secret to looking younger? Sunscreen is the key! Sun damage is the main cause of premature aging due to harmful UV rays. Your skin’s natural response to sun exposure is to burn, and over time frequent sunburns lead to the skin becoming leathery and wrinkled. Luckily there are skin rejuvenation procedures, such as laser skin therapy, that can reduce the visibility of wrinkles and age spots.*
  3. Even skin tone. Sure, makeup toner works just fine, but in the long run you’re shelling out a lot of money just to cover up uneven skin tone. Instead, applying sunscreen will prevent an uneven skin tone in the future as long as it is applied liberally and frequently when you’re outside. Our Cutera Excel V laser and HydraFacial procedure can also reduce existing uneven skin tones.* After these procedures, we recommend starting a daily habit of applying sunscreen.
  4. Being a role model. Be a role model for your kids or even your friends by applying sunscreen. If others see you taking care of your skin, they will be more inclined to also pick up the healthy habit. The best part about being a role model is you have the opportunity to recommend your favorite sunscreen brands to others such as the best waterproof sunscreens, the best natural sunscreens, and the best makeup-sunscreen combo products. Younger kids are also very impressionable so this is a great chance to steer them towards making good choices for their skin.
  5. Great for all skin types. Whether you are of a dark complexion or a lighter complexion, sunscreen works for all skin types and skin tones. You may not burn easily, but that doesn’t mean your skin isn’t being exposed to UV radiation on a daily basis if you’re outside. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to the sun, but skin cancer is not discriminatory against what type of skin it can affect. Just remember that sun damage occurs over a long period of time and the best defense is sunscreen.
  6. Sunscreen is convenient. Sure, the application process takes an extra 5-10 minutes of your day, but the fact is: sunscreen is more readily available and more convenient than ever before. SPF is now included in makeup products, spray form, clothing and other items. Don’t like the squeeze tubes? Purchase the spray version! No matter what option you go for, just be sure to be consistent with how much you apply.
  7. Preventing other sun-related issues. Sunburn and skin cancer aren’t the only sun-related problems that can affect the body. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can also be crippling to anyone who has been exposed for long periods of time in hot weather. Using sunscreen coupled with other sun safety procedures such as hydrating, staying in the shade, and wearing protective clothing can greatly reduce feelings of nausea, muscle cramps and fainting.

Haven’t been wearing sunscreen nearly enough as you should? No worries! If you notice any signs of sun damage such as brown spotswrinkles and uneven skin tone, there are aesthetic procedures here at Laser Aesthetic that can reverse the affects of UV radiation. Contact our skin care center in Methuen today to learn more about your options.

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