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How Do You Choose The Right Injector?

With ongoing advancements and procedures always developing, being an injector has become a popular and exciting career route than ever before.

But when picking the right injector it is always good to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the injector keeping up with advancements?
  • Do they know what they’re doing?

Injectors should have more than a one-time certification.

Yes, getting certified as a professional injector is important, but nevertheless if the injector does not continue down the road of education and complete updated additional advanced certification in cosmetic injection, then you will not get the best, safest, and most advanced treatment. Medical discoveries never halt. It is an injector’s duty to keep up, for the safety and comfort of their clients.

So how does Jessica St. Jean exceed the expectations of the average injector?

She is a certified RN who is committed to her clients. Her passion for art, symmetry, and anatomy make her exceptional in her technique as an injector. Working with the body, she continues to learn more about anatomy every day. She understands that education is not from point A to point B, it’s on a continuum.

There is never an end goal with the work Jessica does.

An injector should always invest in continued education. Jessica is a professional who lives by this because she understands that her clients come first. She knows they deserve the best treatment and most advanced standards of safety. With all her experience, she is able to cater her treatments to your needs. Her clients can attest to her comfortable and thorough consultations and bedside manner.

We all know: Cheap Botox is Never Good and Good Botox is Never Cheap.

You should never choose a lower price over a better injector. A good injector will be honest with you about what you need. They would rather lose your business than overtreat you or take any risks. Sure, cosmetic injections are quicker than your average medical treatments, but that does not make them any less medical. A good injector wants you to feel happy with your treatment, and they value your trust and comfort.

So before you ask “how much?” You should always ask “how good, responsible, ethical, and masterful is the injector?”

Book a consultation with Jessica and get the high-quality care you deserve.

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