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5 Reasons to Opt for Laser Hair Removal

How long does it take you to shave your legs? Fifteen minutes? An appointment for laser hair removal will take about 20 minutes—and after a few weeks of treatment, you’ll never need to shave again.*

There’s a lot of reasons that people opt for laser hair removal. Let’s review.

Your Time is Valuable

Sleep in for fifteen more minutes after finishing your laser hair removal appointments—you won’t be needing that extra shower time for shaving. The time you spend shaving your legs or getting your bikini area waxed could almost certainly be better spent.

A Gain With No Pain

You’ve heard of no pain, no gain, but it just doesn’t apply here. While laser hair removal may feel uncomfortable, most wouldn’t call it painful, and as an added bonus you’ll almost never have to deal with the painful and unsightly red bumps accompanying ingrown hairs.

Save Money

Yes, laser hair removal can cost a bit upfront. You want an experienced technician handling your laser, not some guy off the street. The sooner you get the hair removal procedure, though, the sooner you start saving money. Let’s assume you spend $50 to get your legs waxed, and only do this 10 times a year. That’s already a $500 investment—and you’ll have to invest it every single year. In other words: you’re paying in the short term for long-term gains.

Less Sensitivity

A lot of people are sensitive to shaving and plucking. Razor bumps are par for the course for a lot of women, and people with super sensitive skin can experience relief and confidence by switching over to laser hair removal services. It can also be a relief for your partner, if your stubble has been creating an unpleasant, sandpapery experience for them.

It’s a Fast Procedure

Whether you need laser removal on your upper lip, underarms, or legs, it’s a quick procedure. Technicians use highly concentrated beams of light to destroy individual hair follicles, while avoiding your skin—and each pulse of light takes less than a second. Few procedures take more than 30 minutes. Most individuals only need to repeat this treatment a handful of times before their hair is gone forever.

Laser hair removal isn’t for everyone, but for the grand majority of people, it’s a great alternative to dealing with rusting razors, painful wax treatments, and bumpy ingrown hairs. Contact the laser hair removal experts at Laser Aesthetic for more information or to set up a treatment plan.

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